3 Reasons Custom Bat Mitzvah Albums are Better

As a photographer, you want the same design and craft to go into your albums that you’ve put into your photography.  After all, you’ve worked very hard with your client before and during the event, and spent many hours of post-production so that your images look their best.  Here are 3 reasons you should consider custom albums when working with your client, illustrated with a couple of projects we just completed with our photographer partners.

  1. Get out of the cookie cutter box! When you have to stay within the precise constraints and requirements of most album companies, your final project ends up looking like every other album in town.  Want it to look better?  Go custom!
  2. A custom album is unique.  Do you think your client will share raves of their album you sat down and personalized for them to…. everyone?!?!!  Of course they will.  We live in an age of mass produced items arriving in shipping containers.  A custom album, handcrafted in the USA shows that you care about your photography and your client.
  3. Consider how much more value a custom and personalized product will mean to your client.  A custom album has more value than wall portraits, retouching services or cheaper albums can possibly ever have.  Why?  Because there will always be exactly ONE custom album – duplicates are not possible. For your discriminating clients, this distinction creates greater value, which allows you a higher price point while providing your client with the superior product and service they’re seeking.  It’s a win-win.

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