Custom Book for a Non-Profit Organization


Physicians are often the last line of defense in countries where mortality from complications during labor and delivery, disease, and life-threatening disabilities are a daily reality.

Dr. Arthur Ammann approached Artisan Craftsman Books in order to create a unique edition for the purpose of raising awareness of the impact of AIDS on the victims of violence and rape in the Democratic Rebublic of Congo.

Dr. Ammann, whose career has spanned many fields including physician, researcher, activist, philanthropist and clinical professor at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, is also a co-founder of Global Strategies, a non-profit organization whose partners are frontline healthcare workers.

These books were designed with areas for custom calligraphy to be added to compliment the artwork on each of the pages. [Read more…]

Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper for a Limited Edition Hand Crafted Book

When a company like Hahnemühle, which has been producing quality artist’s paper in the same location for 430 years – creates a quality artist’s inkjet paper which can be used in our book binding – the result can be stunning.  As a photographer and also the founder of Artisan Craftsman Books, I decided to create a limited edition book – a Personal Collection by Lawrence Crandall – of some of my photographs taken over 30 years. [Read more…]

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