Artisan Craftsman Design

One of the really great things about working with Artisan Craftsman Books is page design.  If you are already designing your own books and album pages, you know how time-consuming the creative process can be!

We have specialized in designing award-winning pages with photographers’ images for over 15 years!  In fact, owner Larry Crandall invented one of the first software applications for album design, and has been a platform speaker at WPPI on the same subject.  If you are too busy or just don’t want the hassle, you can trust us for expert design you’ll be proud to show your clients. [Read more…]

Lay Flat Books

All Artisan Craftsman Books lay perfectly flat when opened, and is a process we have patented and perfected since 1997.

There is no comparing a lay flat book to one with a gutter running down the center.  With our books, you’ll never lose part of your image between two pages, nor will you even have to consider it if you design your own page spreads.  Every double page spread (two facing pages) is essentially a panoramic with a fold, which disappears when you view the flat page. [Read more…]

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