Binding Materials

If you aren’t familiar with our binding materials, you’re in for a great experience. Our vast selection of cover materials elevates our books to a new level.  We believe that quality material is evident in the fit and finish and is an important component of bookbinding. We have divided our binding materials for covers into three categories: bookcloth, handmade papers and premium materials.


We offer 10 luxurious imported bookcloth materials, pictured below.  When you order a book, you may specify bookcloth only (such as B3) or specify additional materials (such as C3 in the last gallery below, which is B3 bookcloth plus P3 leaf paper).  Click any of the bookcloth images below for a more detailed view.



There is a wonderful world of handmade papers which have been used in many types of artistic projects. We began using handmade paper as a cover material over 18 years ago; it is perfect for some applications. Generally speaking, these papers are paired with a complimentary bookcloth. While they may appear delicate, book covers dressed in this style are durable and still carry our lifetime guarantee.


Our premium list includes suede, ultrasmooth and bonded leather materials.  Both suede and ultrasmooth are luxurious and very soft-touch.


When designing your cover, keep in mind that the papers (P1-P26) are generally paired with the bookcloths (B1-B29) as the examples below illustrate.  You may also opt for the clean look of bookcloth without paper or windows. The premium covers generally stand on their own; however they may also be paired with any other material, including photographic images for portions of the front cover. We have pictured our cover ideas below with standard and mounted windows; however you may also order any of our books without window treatments, with and without die stamping, etc.  The images below may be ordered “as-is”.  We’re happy to help with any questions you have about choosing binding materials for your book project.

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