Private Label Packaging

When you order a photography product or service, many companies prominently place their logo for the whole world to see.  Great for them; not so great for you.  After all, you are offering personalized products and service in a relationship built on trust between you and your client.  Your album company doesn’t need to get in the middle.

For that reason, our albums and boxes are considered “private label”.  That is, our custom black boxes have no markings and are ready for your studio label.

The books themselves are not stamped with our logo either. In fact, many of our clients opt for THEIR logo to be stamped on the inside back cover of the book.  We have offered this stamping service to our clients – free – because it is exactly that…. a service.

By offering it, we strengthen your studio’s image and the relationship with you and your client.  THAT is what we’re here to support, and that’s the story of private label packaging.

private label packaging

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