Hahnemühle Photo Rag Paper for a Limited Edition Hand Crafted Book

When a company like Hahnemühle, which has been producing quality artist’s paper in the same location for 430 years – creates a quality artist’s inkjet paper which can be used in our book binding – the result can be stunning.  As a photographer and also the founder of Artisan Craftsman Books, I decided to create a limited edition book – a Personal Collection by Lawrence Crandall – of some of my photographs taken over 30 years. Choosing a cover material is always challenging when there are so many to choose from! I ended up selecting a burgundy leather for the book and clamshell, with a dust cover and a simple blind emboss stamp on the clamshell cover.

Since I began specializing in hand crafted books made from inkjet media 18 years ago, I have always appreciated the vast benefits of inkjet / giclee printing over traditional photographic papers and digital press papers, for the pages of these books.  There is really no comparison when it comes to color depth, gamut, longevity and sharpness of inkjet printing – not to mention the benefits of being more eco-friendly.  And for me, the “touch and feel” of a fine inkjet matte paper in a book format leaves all other media in the dust.

I also chose to limit the number of copies of my Personal Collection to 100.  Each copy is numbered and signed, and each is printed and produced “on demand” as I require them.  To date I have produced and distributed 18 copies of my book.  I have also started producing signed and numbered editions for some of my photographer clients as well, and the Canon Fine Art Photo Rag by Hahnemühle is perfectly suited for this purpose.

Using Hahnemühle’s Fine Art Photo Rag 188gsm (Canon) I found a top-of-the-line product for printing my pages, which works perfectly with our style of book binding.  At Artisan Craftsman Books, we print full page spreads on one side of the paper only, then score and fold the sheet to create left and right sides.  The back sides of folded spreads are not used for printing; they are glued back to back in a special process which yields a page block for binding.  Therefore a “double sided” paper is not necessary for our patented style of bookbinding.  Some papers are better suited for this process than others (we extensively test many types of inkjet papers) and the Hahnemühle Fine Art Photo Rag (in 17″ and 24′ rolls) is perfectly suited for this purpose.

When a project such as this really matters, putting a premium paper into a hand crafted book can make all the difference.  I am personally thrilled with the results I’m getting with Hahnemühle paper and as a professional photographer would highly recommend it to anyone wanting to showcase their important work in its best light.

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