Custom Clamshell Case and Book

Collaboration with your album company probably seems like a foreign concept to most photographers, but we do it regularly with the photographers and visual artists with whom we create projects. Case in point: This beautiful custom clamshell case was a combined effort between ourselves and the photographer, Heather McKay from Rochester, NY.

The book is our standard matte paper page block (pigment print) and is finished with a blend of B26 Asahi Bookcloth and P25 rough pineapple leaf paper (you can view all our covers at  The page block is finished in a soft watermark endsheet which forms a nice transition from the cover materials to the matte paper pages.

The client wanted some kind of “two tone” design for the clamshell, so we used B26 bookcloth for most of it, placed a standard window of P25 pineapple paper plus the client’s logo on the right third area of the clamshell.

The effect is pleasing in its simplicity, warm tones and richness of texture.  We hope her client enjoys the project – we know that we did!

clamshell-custom-window clamshell-open-detail custom-clamshell-front custom-clamshell-open fleur-de-lis-endsheet open-book-detail


  1. My clients nearly cried. They kept feeling the cover, the clamshell, the pages. Over and over, they kept saying that the images looked so much better in the book than on the screen…. and how unexpected that was! This book and box fit their wedding perfectly. Well done. We all loved it!

    • I love it that your clients loved your images in print better than on the screen! Its a good lesson for many of us in the visual arts; the screen is convenient but may not carry the same emotional impact. Thanks for choosing us to partner with you on this project!

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