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With regards to colorspace, as professional image makers we’ve all become accustomed to an sRGB world – the internet, our monitors, most professional color labs all require that your files be saved in sRGB. If you have tried saving image files in a more robust colorspace such as Adobe 1998 or ProPhoto, you’ll find that most labs and production houses simply aren’t able to provide you with output in that colorspace.  At Artisan Craftsman Books we can print in any colorspace you specify!

Why be concerned about colorspace? Quite simply, sRGB colorspace clips many of those vivid reds, blues, purples and greens that can really make your image “pop”, when you make a print of your image (such as a photograph or a digital book). Because we use wide format inkjet printers for our page spread output, we can print in any colorspace you designate, and maintain the beautiful colors in print that you can see on your monitor. It is one of the genuine advantages of using inkjet printing over photographic (photo lab books) or digital presses (digital press books). This is one of the reasons most artists prefer inkjet / giclee reproductions of their work.

All our books are made from wide format (giclee) prints which will preserve your intended colorspace, gamut and rich colors, whether we print your project or you ship us your own page spreads ready to bind.

Inkjet Printing gives you better color gamut and choice of color space.

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