What is the best Cover Material for my Project?

We are often asked about our cover materials. Its one of the more difficult questions for us, because we love them all! For wedding books, one of our genuine bonded leathers or a simple book cloth usually works well. For fine art and commercial projects, it really depends on the experience you want your audience to have.

As you can see from the photos on this site, there are any number of cover treatments – from blind deboss stamping to custom windows to multiple materials – which can be applied.

Color can be a consideration: wedding books are generally black, white or a color theme used in the event. Commercial books will often integrate a color found in the photographer’s logo and marketing materials.

Mixed materials works well with our handmade papers paired with bookcloth. It also works well with clamshell cases. To add one more element to the mix, we also create custom dust jackets for any book, yielding yet another look.

The simple answer is: the sky’s the limit. We offer just under 30 stock cover materials, and we can also refer you to sources where you can choose from hundreds more. It would be a lot easier if we offered black, white and brown – the way all albums used to be. However, we left the “easy” path years ago, and we invite you to join us in the realm where creative expression rules the day.

Special Offer for New Clients

For new clients, we’re offering a triple discount:

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Studio Sample Books


If you do not currently have a studio sample book, we encourage you to get one!  These fine-art books are so much more impressive “in your hands” than viewing a gallery image. And to get the 2018 season off to a great start, we are offering our hottest deal of the year for your studio sample book. If you’ve been wanting that shiny new album – now is the time!

From now through January 30, 2019 send us your files for a studio sample with any cover choice and any number of spreads. We’ll discount your purchase 50%.

You’ll also get $50 off each of your next three album orders!

We want to support you in 2018 with the finest handcrafted photography album available.  Lets get your studio sample book crafted and let the rave reviews from your clients begin.  In order to participate in this discount, use the following code when ordering: Studio2019 [Read more…]

2018 FUNDY Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal!

Artisan Craftsman Books has partnered with Fundy and we have an exclusive deal available ONLY to FUNDY clients, from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, 2017. The deal consists of $50 off a single album simply by including the following discount code when you order one of our albums: FU2018!  This offer is valid now through January 30, 2019.

Drop us an email if you have questions, and happy designing!

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2018 Black Friday Deal – exclusively for SmartAlbums customers!

Artisan Craftsman Books has an exclusive deal available ONLY to SmartAlbums clients, for Black Friday through Cyber Monday, 2017.  The deal consists of FREE PRINTING credit, up to $75.  This offer is valid through January 30, 2019. To take advantage of this offer, when ordering use the discount code: SA2019

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SmartAlbums Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2017

SmartAlbums is a must-have album builder that’s intuitive, quick, and simple. Save $100 if you buy before November 27! Check it out at Follow this link or click the image below for savings!

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Fundy Black Friday offer 2017!

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Private Label Packaging

When you order a photography product or service, many companies prominently place their logo for the whole world to see.  Great for them; not so great for you.  After all, you are offering personalized products and service in a relationship built on trust between you and your client.  Your album company doesn’t need to get in the middle.

For that reason, our albums and boxes are considered “private label”.  That is, our custom black boxes have no markings and are ready for your studio label.

The books themselves are not stamped with our logo either. In fact, many of our clients opt for THEIR logo to be stamped on the inside back cover of the book.  We have offered this stamping service to our clients – free – because it is exactly that…. a service.

By offering it, we strengthen your studio’s image and the relationship with you and your client.  THAT is what we’re here to support, and that’s the story of private label packaging. [Read more…]

Navy Book Cloth and Navy Leather!

The Navy has arrived!

Our clients who have “special ordered” these materials in the past will be pleased to learn we now carry both Navy book cloth and Navy leather as stock items!  This means you can specify either material for covers with no additional charge.

Navy is a hot color this year.  Gray and Rust are also still hot colors, and we introduced both book cloths as a stock items last year. [Read more…]

The Mark of Quality

When photography has become ubiquitous and temporary, how do you make a statement with your work?  For many professionals, simply posting images electronically isn’t the highest and best use for showcasing superior work.  In order to set your work apart, and to make it stand out, you will want to consider high quality prints either framed or bound into an edition.

When you get serious about creating a collection of your images or showcasing an event in book format, the quality and workmanship of the album is a reflection of your own work.  A quality album not only shows that you care about your work, it elevates your photography in a way that loose prints and electronic posting cannot match.

As photographers ourselves, we understand the importance of esthetics and brand when you present your work.  [Read more…]

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